Thursday, October 4, 2012

Summer party at daycare

Daycare had their annual summer party. As usual, we had a great time.

We arrived a little early, since Natalie insisted on being the first one there. While we waited in the car, she got to pretend to drive. Only about 10 more years till it's her turn...
One of Natalie's favorite games involved hula-hoops. In the game, she was supposed to throw them over the beach balls, but Natalie liked to just use them for hula-ing, too.
What would a summer party be without icecream?
Daddy had some icecream, too.
Natalie and Mommy both painted rainbow sun-catchers.
And Natalie had a butterfly painted on her cheek - to match the butterflies on her dress.
But the best part by far was when Natalie got to run thru the sprinklers. Gotta love that smile! Good thing we had an extra set of dry clothes ready for her at daycare...

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Anonymous said...

Dejlige billeder fra dagplejen med en altid smilende og glad pige.
Og et sødt billede af Natalie med den fine sommerfugl på kinden.
Bedste Danmark.