Sunday, October 28, 2012

Daycare Fieldtrip

On a Wednesday afternoon this summer, I got the dreaded call from daycare. Natalie had thrown up, and we needed to come pick her up. Over the course of the evening she got better, and by the next morning she was perfectly fine. Unfortunatly, policy at daycare is that she can't go back until 24 hrs after she stopped throwing up. And, the next day was a field trip day.

Fortunately, the field trip was to a local wildlife sanctuary. So, I took the day off, and Natalie and I went there at the same time as her daycare class. It was fun to see her interact with her friends.
Looking at the coyotes.
Studying the indoor exhibits. While the other kids were running around and playing, Natalie looked at almost all the exhibits. She's such a scientist.
We had a great time that day. And, we made it back to the car just in time to avoid most of the rain from the afternoon thunderstorm that came right at departure time!
Just a cute picture from one of the wooden observation platforms.

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