Thursday, October 25, 2012

Camping day three - morning

On day three, we went on the hayride in the morning. Actually, we had to wait for a little while first - which was a great opportunity for pictures. Here's one of my favorites:

Just hanging out...
We also played on the playground for a while. The slide is always fun.
After the hayride, it was time to raise the flag and visit the Bear's cottage. Natalie got the honor of holding one of the flags:
Such a big girl - so responsible!
We got to go inside the bears cottage and meet the bears:
Natalie and Aubriella posing for a picture with Cindy Bear.
Of course, Natalie wanted to explore some more - so she climbed up to take a look at the top bunk.
Back at the cabin, we had time for a little playtime. Can you tell that it was right around the time of the Olympics, and we'd been watching a lot of gymnastics on tv?
Then it was time for the pool again. The girl can swim! On her own! And once she started, she wasn't going to stop for a long, long, time...
... In fact, the only thing that could make her stop swimming was the idea of jumping into the water with Daddy - again and again and again...

But I figured I'd finish this post with one of the cutest videos ever. Brayden can be such a charmer... 

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