Tuesday, October 30, 2012

At the farm - a story in sixteen pictures

This summer, we went to a local farm. There was lots to see. Natalie is not all that fond of getting too close to the animals, so for starters she was happiest when she could be up by Daddy:
"Carry me!"
The view from Daddy's shoulders was perfect for visiting the goats.
Soon, she got a little braver, and she even went for a ride on a horse:
Daddy helped her up.
One of the trainers led the horse around in a circle.
One proud girl.
We also went for a ride in a tractor-pulled wagon:
"This is fun!"
Natalie got to milk a real cow.
We had lunch in the barn. At first Natalie did NOT want her picture taken...
... But a big brownie soon changed her mind.
The hay that was stacked up at one end of the barn was perfect for picture taking:
The explorer.
The silly girl.
And the laugh.
Natalie and Daddy also got to pet a little black kitten.
And Daddy caught a duckling for Natalie to pet.
We finished the trip off with playing on the playground, on the bouncing balls with Daddy...
And in the sand with Mommy.

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