Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A little chemo scare - but everything is okay

So, yesterday was supposed to be my last chemo treatment. Turned out, it got postponed to today. Don't worry, everything's okay.

Here's the story:

When I showed up for the treatment yesterday, the nurse that was going to access my port took one look at me and said "This doesn't look right". She got another nurse over for a second opinion, and she agreed. The problem was that the chemo is making me retain water - lots of it. But it wasn't even, my left side was much more swollen than the right one. And the port site seemed irritated and warm and more swollen than usual. They were concerned that there might be a blood clot in my left arm and/or in my left leg. They sent me to see my oncologist, who also agreed that it had to be checked out. He sent me to the hospital to get it checked out via ultrasound.

The plan was for me to drive there. I figured it was a good sing that they let me drive myself, they probably wouldn't do that if they thought I was about to keel over... They would send the orders over and have me checked out right away. If everything went well, I would till be getting my treatment later in the day.

I got to the hospital around noon-ish and found out that they couldn't fit me in until three thirty that afternoon. Well, another good sign, I guess, they weren't rushing to get me in. Unfortunately, that meant a lot of waiting, and no chance for me to get back to get my treatment that afteroon. Fortunately, Karsten came and met me for lunch at the hospital cafeteria, which was really nice. And I had brought my book, so time went by fairly quickly.

I got checked out, which was kinda neat. They use the ultrasound to check the arteries and veins. If they can compress them, there is no clot. They can also see/hear the blood flow in there. Apparently it works, because they found a clot in the leg of the lady that went in just before me. Which made me feel pretty bad for her, but honestly also a little better knowing that the technique works.

Anyway, no clots! Yay. So, after a long day at the hospital waiting room, I got the all clear and got re-scheduled for my (last) treatment this morning. The swelling is already coming down some, but it will re-appear over the next couple of weeks as a side-effect of the chemo. Hopefully not quite as bad, though, as they upped my dose on my diuretics ("water-pills").

So, better safe than sorry, I'm a day late on my treatment - but it was the last one!!!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Chi-chi-chi-chia pet !

On the new Chemo Karen's hair is starting to grow back. I think she would trade this for some eye lashes though.
But it is a sign that things are going in the right direction.