Friday, October 26, 2012

Camping day three - afternoon and evening

After lunch, Brayden needed a little quiet time for a nap, so the girls and I went on a picture walk:

Ready, set - picture time!
First, we walked down by the water. The girls got a lot of photos.
They were also very curious about the water. First they dipped their toes in...
... then their hands.
There was also a great lookout spot. Of course, the funnest part was to run up and down the bridge to the platform!
Of course, we also had to get a picture with the big Yogi Bear statue - the girls sure know how to ham it up!
We ended up with some time at a playground. Natalie's favorite activity was the monkey bars - no surprise there!
In the evening, we brought out some glow in the dark bubbles. We were way too busy playing with them and having fun to take pictures - but we did get this one afterwards.
 I guess Natalie spilled a little of the glow in the dark bubble solution on her dress.

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