Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Camping day two - swimming

Of course, it wouldn't be camping without swimming...

Karsten pulled Natalie around the kiddie pool for a while...
As you can see, the Dads worked really hard (most of the time...)
Natalie pulled Aubriella around for a while, too.
And of course, the big beach ball had to come into play.
It was definitely worth the time to blow it up (easy for me to say, it was Karsten that did all the work...)
Smaller beach balls can also be fun.
After a while, Natalie wanted to go in the big pool. At first, she had Karsten hold on to her from the side of the pool.
After some time, she convinced Karsten to go in with her (even though the pool was pretty cold).
And soon, Natalie was swimming around all by herself!

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