Saturday, December 31, 2011


We had the first appointment with the plastic surgeon Thursday.
Everything looked good with the incisions and he was able to remove 2 of the 4 drains.
Karen was so happy as the two drains they removed had been really uncomfortable for her and prevented her from a good sleep.
She is now able to lay down in be and she actually slept through the night - completely forgetting the pain medication. So I take that as a good sign of her making progress.

It will probably be two more weeks before they can remove the two raining drains which will really make things easier. Right now Karen has to be careful around everything I make sure she doesn't pull on the tubes or stretch too much.

Anyway good progress all around so we should have a good new years eve although I doubt we will make it through midnight. A happy new year to all of you too.

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Helle Mose Iversen said...

Happy for the progress - an a happy New Year to you all
BR Helle