Tuesday, December 20, 2011

All done - waiting for Karen to wake up in the recovery

All done !!!
Just talked to the plastic surgeon.
Everything went pretty much by the book and they got the expanders inserted.
They also used a pretty cool piece of equipment that measures the blood flow in the skin to ensure proper healing. Everything looks good on that front too.
Karen will have 4 drains to deal with for the next few weeks to help keep the wound clean and reduce the liquid buildup.
I have not been allowed to see her yet as she is in recovery but once she wakes up should be allowed in.
At this point it looks like a Thursday discharge from the hospital since the surgery brought us into the evening.
Rather stay a day longer if needed so she can get the best possible care until everything is stable.


Helle Mose Iversen said...

det lyder godt - Karsten - lang ventetid for dig - hils Karen når du får lov at komme ind til hende - og hils også Natalie, når I kommer hjem til hende

Kærlig hilsen Helle

Kirstin & Troy said...

Thank you Karsten for all these updates!!!!!!
Thinking of you lots - sending good vibes your way.
Friends - Kirstin and Troy

Michelle Z said...

Glad to hear things went well!! Thanks for the updates!