Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Going into surgery

Karen got wheeled into surgery around 12:30 PM.
Now it is just waiting for me. I still need to be around just case there are any issues that require decisions to be made. But at least I can go to the cafe and get some lunch.
The estimated procedure time is around 6 hours.
Thankfully there is a good wifi connection and Hulu.com has enough to keep me entertained - at least for a while.
I should be getting an update about halfway through the procedure. The biggest concern is to get the results of the lymph node biopsy - hope it has not spread outside of the breast tissue.

When all the tissue is removed they will change surgeons to let a plastic surgeon start the reconstruction. I am hoping to talk to the first surgeon once he is done.

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Helle Mose Iversen said...

Karsten - jeg føler med dig - jeg ved det ikke er let at være den pårørende i ventetiden - det er godt, at der er gode meldinger fra lægerne
Kærlig hilsen Helle