Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Morning after

Well this is the morning after.
I think Karen also feels like the morning after too.
Everything went OK over night but it was still somewhat rough. Due to the late time we were up here there were checkups every two hour until 3 AM.

Karen managed to get up at 2AM for the first time to go to the bathroom. It was about a 1/2 hour project for 10 feet. It helped after she got some medications for nausea and this morning it only took a few minutes.

The plastic surgeon just stopped by and checked her out. Early to say but so far it all looks good. He was able to put in 300cc in each expander to start the reconstruction. I know Karen appreciates that as it is the first step on a long path.

The biggest issue for now is pain management. Karen is on the morphine drip that is self administered which means that she has to push a button when she needs it. It works good when she is awake but sleeping she kind of falls behind and wakes up with some serious pain. Once she starts eating they can give her some longer lasting oral medication.

The surgeon also confirmed that it will be a Thursday discharge as it would be too early this morning.

Thanks to all for the outpouring of support - we are truly grateful.

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Chan said...

We are praying for your speedy and full recovery, Karen! Love, Mary, Nicholas and Katherine