Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Good news in all of this

Test came back already from the initial lymph node biopsy - it is negative for cancer on the right side which is the side with the tumor.
This is an initial result and it will have to be confirmed with a more thorough lab test after the surgery but it is a very good indication.
This is what we were hoping for and one of the reasons we rushed to get the surgery done as soon as possible.

Update: the left side is clear too which is great news. This will leave many of the lymph nodes intact and hopefully reduce the risks and discomforts that often arise when the lymph nodes are removed.


Helle Mose Iversen said...

Hej Karsten

Vi følger med - tæmker på Jer

Kærlig hilsen Helle

Helle Mose Iversen said...

Ohh - det er sådan gode nyheder - jeg håber virkelig det holder hele vejen

Hærlig hilsen Helle

Helle Mose Iversen said...

Bare hej
kærlig hilsen Helle