Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Mother's Day Fairy

Did you ever hear about the Mother's Day Fairy? Well, she came to our house this morning (one day early, I guess...).

I was sleeping in, while Karsten was watching Formula One on TV this morning. Natalie must have gotten up sometime without me hearing her, and I think she snuggled up with Karsten on the couch for a while. I also know they played some Junior Scrabble, since that game was on the coffee table this morning.

While they were playing, they said they heard the Morther's Day Fairy out in the kitchen. Later, they came to wake me up, so I could come see what she had done:

Sorry, I was so busy enjoying it that I didn't think about taking a picture until after breakfast, but you get the point. The table was so nicely decorated, and the Mother's Day Fairy had made homemade waffles and coffee. Awesome!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mom's out there!

PS: I've been somewhat absent from this blog for a while. I plan on being more active here in the future. I'll also fill in with posts from November 2012 until now, so please keep scrolling back to see the "new, old" posts.

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