Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

We had such a great Mother's Day! We spent the day doing a whole lot of nothing - like playing games, playing outside, flying kites, etc. And we did a lot of baking:

Yep, that's my daughter - wearing a pretty dress, an apron, and blue latex gloves. She DOES NOT like getting her hands dirty or sticky. But she's smart enough to just do things her own way. Gotta love it.
The best part was how happy she was to share "my" day with me. I think this video says it all:
What a Wonderful Day.

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Anonymous said...

Ja - en dejlig dag og en dejlig

Og tillige mit søde barnebarn.

Hvor er hun bare dejlig og et
meget følelsesladet og givende

Bedste - Danmark.