Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

We kept our tradition and went to the Memorial Day Parade on Monday. Natalie had the perfect shirt for the occasion:

A cute shirt for a cute girl.
We met up with Aubriella and her family. While the girls were waiting for the parade to start, they decorated some bags (for the parade candy) - and shared some secrets, I'm sure:
"Psst - have you heard..."
In previous years, Natalie was mostly sitting in my lap for the parade. Now, she's big enough that she wants to hang out with her friend instead. It is awesome to see her grow into such an independent and confident person.

Parades are serious business.
But, she's still kid enough to have a great imagination. She also brought some of her "friends" to the parade, and they got to sit and watch the parade with us:
Max and Frosty, watching the parade. They were very well behaved!

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