Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My favorite mis-pronounciations and silly words

Back in June, I posted a list of Natalie's words. Well, the list grew longer and longer, and by now she's mostly talking in full sentences. Most words are easily understood, but there are still a few words that are kind of her own. Here are some of my favorites (and their actual meaning):

Mimick - Music (or, a month or two ago, this also meant Christmas)
Beh-lue - Blue
Babh - Bath
Booh-loon - Balloon
Gare - Square
Gip - Crib
Tjair - Share
NaLalie - Natalie

And then, there are a few expressions that just sort of happened:

Silly-juice - Cranberry juice
Beep-beep - Canned whipped cream
Doodle-loodle-loo - What the elephant says

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