Friday, February 20, 2009

The daughter of a geek?

When we go swimming, there's a little play area outside the lockerroom where Natalie usually get's to play for a little while after class. Last time, there was a boy from her class that was playing there too, and of course his mom was hanging around watching him.

There is a little bookshelf full of books, and Natalie went over and picked one out. I sat on the floor, and she sat with me while we read the book. It was a book about insects. Not a board book, but a real "big girl book" with lots of real pages. We looked at all the pictures of bumblebees, beetles, ladybugs, butterflies, and all the other pretty creepy-crawlies in the book. Then, Natalie got up to put the book back and get another one. The other mom looked at me in surprise: "Did you read that whole book?" "Yeah, we did, well, at least sort of", I replied.

The next book Natalie picked was called "How the universe works". I could see the other mom kinda looking weird at us, but why not? The book had lots of pictures of planets, rocks, and showed different experiments you could do to learn stuff. Then Natalie saw a picture of Mr. Newton. Natalie pointed and said "Cool dude!". I told her "Yes, that's a very cool dude. His name was Newton. He made and experiment with apples, and that's how he discovered gravity..."

Just then, I looked over at the other mom. The expression on her face was priceless! I guess not all two-year-olds reads books about Newton. But, oh well, Natalie and I had a great time. That's the beauty of being the daughter of a geek!

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