Thursday, June 19, 2008

Natalie - English dictionary - expanded version

A few weeks ago I put the list below on the sidebar. I thought it would be fun to keep it up to date with new words once in a while. I guess I didn't quite count on how fast Natalie's vocabulary is expanding.

So, today I'll put the original list in a blog entry instead, along with a few general updates on all the cute stuff Natalie is telling us on a daily basis:

Natalie knows what a lot of animals say now: The cow says mooh (and it is not always whispering anymore), the lion says "roah" (still always whispered), the cat says "me" (meow), the horse (and the giraffe) says "ne-ne" (neigh, neigh), and all birds including ducks say gak-gak-gak (quack, quack, quack).

"Mama" turned into "meh-me", but at least it is only used for Mommy. "Dada" is still Daddy, but it is also used for many different guys in magazines or even on TV (hmm...)

"More" sounds a lot more like, well, "more" instead of "muhr".

And there are at least as many new words now as there was on the list to begin with, including house, milk, and truck (which is used a lot when we are driving, Natalie likes to point to all the trucks and tell us about them).

Natalie is also getting a lot better at using the words to tell us what she wants. She'll come and ask us for Milk if she's thirsty. And yesterday at dinner, she asked us for a Dora yogurt (there is a picture of Dora the Explorer on the yogurt cups) without it even being on the table - she knew it was in the fridge.

It's amazing how fast this whole vocabulary thing is building. At this speed, I think she'll be reading Shakespeare to us for bedtime stories soon!

Dictionary - Natalie to English (original version)

Ah-pla - Airplane
Ahpl - Apple
Ahtju - You sneezed (or coughed)
Baaaal - Ball
Bir - Bird
Boblllh - Bubbles
Bumphhh - Comment on any unexpected noise
Bye-bye - Bye-bye
Caah - Car
Cheesss - Cheese
Coww - Cow
Dada - Daddy
Dju - Juice
Doh - Dora (the Explorer)
DuCKh - Duck
Elmoh - Elmo
Gak-gak-gak - What the duck says
Mama - Mommy
Muh (always whispered) - What the cow says
Muhr - More
Nana - Banana
Oud-sij - Outside
Roah (always whispered) - what the bear says
Staahh - Star
StuCKh - Stuck
Te-Beah - teddybear
Tæppe - Blankie (don't konw why she chose to speak Danish for just this one word...)
Uh-oh - Used whenever someone drops something
Wahh - Water


Michelle said...

Holy moley that's a lot of words! It's amazing how fast they start learning new words, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

ret sjovt med det danske ord - underligt - hun ved eet eller andet i underbevidstheden at hun stammer fra Danmark - bare født i et andet land - jeg håber der kommer flere ord. Bedste.