Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Natalie loves to watch Dora the Explorer. In one of the episodes, the characters have to say a funny word to get some turkeys to laugh so they can get past them. The silly word is banana-pants.

Natalie has caught on to that one. She'll say it out of the blue, just to make us laugh. And she says it with such conviction - baNANA-pants! It's hilarious.


The other night, I was putting Natalie to bed. We were cuddling while her bedtime music was on, and I took the opportunity to tell her that I love her:
Me: I love you very much
Natalie: I love you too
Me (whispering): I love you too
Natalie (whispering): Love you too
Me (still whispering): Love you too
Natalie (whispering, as if she was telling me a great secret): Banana-pants!

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