Monday, February 13, 2012

A new look

Last week, my hair began to fall out. So, on Saturday I decided it was time to bring out the shaver and do something about it. What's the point in vacuuming hair up all over the house for a week or two, anyway? So here's how I got my new look:

The obligatory "before" picture.
Natalie helped with the finishing touches.
The end result!
I do have a wig that looks fairly natural.
But I think this is my favorite new look. I love this hat!


Anonymous said...

Hej Karen. Det er meget vemodigt at se disse billeder, men godt med et nyt look. Og ja, synes både tupeen og hatten er meget klædelige. Dejligt at se, du stadig kan smile og have optimisme. Jeg har det svært med det. Smiler gennem tårer. Kærligst Anni.

KirstinandTroy said...

Yes, great hat!!!!! :) :)
Hugs to you all!