Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a big deal for Natalie. This year, she had a party both at daycare and at school. And she exchanged valentines with all her friends:

Valentine's from school friends
Valentine's from daycare friends
This meant that Natalie had to make 46 Valentine's day cards. And not only did she have to sign them, for school she also had to write her friends' names - a good project for practicing those writing skills! The best part of it was that she didn't complain at all, even though it took several hours for us to finish. She's such a hard worker. 

Of course, we also made sure to celebrate Valentine's Day at home with our traditional breakfast celebration:
Heart-shaped bowl, hearts on the napkin, hearts on the cup, and of course some chocolate and candy hearts.

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Sandt nok. En ihærdig pige. Og sikken en sjov skik. Anni.