Monday, June 25, 2012

Update - Karen is out of the recovery room and into her regular hospital room

As the title says Karen is not back in her room and I got to see her.
She was awake and talking but just very tired.
She is currently sleeping a little so I am just posting and using the computer while I wait for her to wake up.

If everything goes according to plan she will be sent home tomorrow at some point.
The two doctors will check in on her tomorrow to make sure that everything is going to their liking.
She then has to check back in with the plastic surgeon on Friday as a follow up.

So hopefully I only have a few more hospital cafeteria meals to go before we can close this chapter :-)
I am sure Karen is ready to not have the nausea and discomfort she gets from the anesthesia too.

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Helle Mose Iversen said...

så godt at høre Karsten - det må være en lettelse for dig også

Hils Karen, når hun er klar nok til at snakke med dig

Kærlig hilsen Helle