Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day four update

Everything went as planned, and we got home on Tuesday. I was up and walking Monday night and Tuesday morning - the usual up and down the hospital hallway walk. Tuesday morning, we saw the assistant from the gynecologists office. She checked on the wounds and set up a follow up appointment on the 10th. Other than that, things were pretty uneventful, and we were just waiting for the paperwork to catch up so we could go home.  It was just after lunch when we left the hospital.

It's great to be home again. I'm moving rather slowly, but I'm able to get around. I have to take it easy - no lifting, limited bending and stretching, no reaching up high, and no driving for at least two weeks.

Today (Thursday) was our follow-up appointment with the plastic surgeon. They removed most of the bandages, though I still have to wear the pink compression thingie that looks like an 80's tube-top. The drains are still draining quite a bit, so they couldn't take them out yet - but we didn't really expect them to come out that fast, either. We have another appointment with them on Monday, maybe the drains will come out by then.

So, all in all things are going as planned. Slow and steady progress - and slow and steady wins the race, right?


Helle Mose Iversen said...

er det ikke den med skildpadden?

For så har du helt ret ;O)

Her går ferien med oprydning - helt til bunds i alt

håber alt går som planlagt for Jer

KH Helle

Anonymous said...

Hej. Dejligt at høre, at alting er forløbet efter planen. Forståeligt nok er du Karen træt (det må Karsten også være). Godt du er bevidst om hvad du må gøre og ikke gøre. God vind fremover. Knus til jer alle fra Anni.