Friday, January 13, 2012

You have me in stitches - no more

We just got back for today's round of doctor visits.
It seems like it is a full time job being sick !

First we went to the plastic surgeon.
Everything is still looking good. He did take out the stitches from the surgery which is a good step in the right direction. Even better though he took out the drains.
One was still draining quite a bit but he is more concerned about the risk of infection by having them in for such an extended time, so he decided to take them out. Hopefully the liquid will not accumulate under the skin.
We will be going there again next Friday so he can check up on it to make sure everything is working out on this.

Karen also got her next "top off" so she now has approx. 540 cc in each side - this is a definite B size. The target is to get close to 800 cc before they will do the permanent implants - or something in the range a C size. The 800 cc is the upper limit for what they will do on a reconstruction, but it is a very appropriate size for Karen's frame.

Karen has to take it a bit easy over the next two days to make sure the drain sites close up properly and to minimize the amount of liquid collecting in the wound site.
But she is just ecstatic about having the drains out.
The first new task she can do without drains - give Natalie a big hug.
Karen is all smiles looking forward to Natalie coming home from Daycare.
- and being able to get a real shower doesn't sound too bad to her either.

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