Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another update

Hi Folks, Karen here. I'm baaack...

Actually, I'm sitting at home "focusing on healing", which means being as lazy as I can. Which isn't nearly as much fun as it sounds... Anyway, I thought I'd give you a quick update, so here goes:

I had a couple of tests over the last week or so. A test checking my heart, since some of the chemo drugs can affect the heart. Good news, the test showed that my heart is perfectly normal. I also had a PET scan, which is basically a full body scan to check if the cancer had spread anywhere else. Good news, the test didn't find any other cancer (though it did find that I apparently have a little bit of a sinus infection... wow, I'm kinda impressed with that amount of detail.)

We met with the oncologist yesterday. They want me to heal at least four weeks before I start chemo, so that means the earliest we can start is the 23rd. But I also have to have the drains out before we can start. And even though the plastic surgeon said they might be ready to come out when I meet with him tomorrow, I'm not so sure that's going to happen (they are still draining quite a bit). So, realistically, I might not start chemo until the 30th.

So, I'm actually just walking around trying to heal. I'm not on any painkillers and feel perfectly fine, apart from the drains being in the way, having to be careful not to reach too far, lift too much, etc. I'm reading a lot of books, watching a lot of TV and movies, and surfing the net. I'll probably even start updating this blog again with post that are not all cancer related!

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Godt at høre. alt godt ønskes herfra.