Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Scenes from an Easter morning

Sunday morning was all about quality time. When Natalie woke up, we spent some time in her room cuddling and reading her stack of letters (she get's a lot of mail from her family, and we read each and every letter many, many times).

Then she got her easter basket, which conveniently contained a movie... Which she watched some of while we made breakfast (she helped make cinnamon rolls with yummi, gooey icing). After that, a bath was in it's place, and it was soo nice not to have to rush. We must have spent more than half an hour just playing with all her toys and having a teaparty while she was in her bath.

Then, we made these: Birds nests.

Or more accurately, rice crispy treats, green (food colored) roasted coconut "grass", and peeps and robin eggs. So much fun. Of course, we had to sample the goods a little while we made them.

After that, Natalie got a little easter surprise - a little bottle of bubbles with a bunny on it. Look, easter bubbles!

We went outside to blow bubbles and ride her trike, and we went for a walk with her in the stroller.

Now that's a great morning!

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