Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Egg hunt at the Zoo

On Saturday, we went to the annual easter egg hunt at the Zoo. Natalie was so excited about going. When I told her that we were going, we were both still in our jammies. I told her we both had to get dressed before we could leave. I went to get dressed myself, and she went into her room. I assumed she was just playing around (I could hear the happy sounds from in there), but then I turned around and there she was, all dressed and ready to go. She had picked her outfit out of her dresser and gotten herself dressed faster than I could get myself dressed! So I guess she really, really wanted to go.

She was smart this year, bringing two baskets with her. The thing is, the easter egg hunt is set up so that the kids are to find easter eggs, then trade them in a different colored stations for candy. The pink eggs at the pink station, the green eggs at the green station, etc. So, she had two baskets, one for the eggs, and one for the candy. Pretty smart move!

Lookit! Eggs AND candy! How lucky can one girl be?

One of the (many) things I adore about Natalie is how she isn't just in it for the candy. She took her time, making sure she stopped to see all the animals. Here, she's looking for the penguins - though they actually weren't there, the water had been pumped out (for cleaning?) and the penguins were on the other side of the exhibit...

Where did all the penguins go?

Of course, we had to make sure we had time to play on the playground. Because who can say no to a turn on the swings?


The easter egg hunt also included breakfast. The pancakes with whipped cream (or beep-beep, as it is nicknamed here in our house, because, well, that's a long story...) were a big hit:
Pancakes! Yummi.

It wasn't until a while after this breakfast that Natalie asked to open some of the candy. I'm soo proud of her, and how she just enjoys everything about a trip like this, not just the candy.

It was a very tired and very happy girl we brought home for naptime on Saturday!

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