Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Natalie Sayings...

Here are some of the things that are making me smile and laugh lately - and a bit of potty humor, so be forewarned...


Natalie was in the bathroom, breaking wind, well, big time...

Natalie: How did that happen? How can such a big fart fit in such a little but?


We were reading books at bedtime. We use a timer to make sure that bedtime stories takes the approriate amount of minutes (and not hours, as Natalie would prefer...). Natalie looked at the timer, then:

Natalie: There's "E" minutes left.

Me: That's right, there's three minutes left

Natalie: No, "E" minutes, like in my name!

The timer

Natalie's name on the wall in her room - notice the "E" is a mirror image of the "3" on the timer!

We were reading a book. We always read the first page where it says who wrote and illustrated the book:

Me: ... Illustrated by Ronnie Rooney

Natalie: Did he have a runny nose?


We were walking around outside when I ended up with at little bit of bird droppings on my jacket.

Natalie: Mommy, why did the bird think you were a potty?

When Natalie get's a piece of candy, or get's to do something out of the ordinary, we often tells her that she "get's away with one". It took me a little while to figure out what she meant the other night:

Natalie: Can I have a "way-with-one"?

I guess she was looking to get a treat...

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