Tuesday, March 23, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

We had such a great St. Patrick's Day! What a perfect day to have some extra fun!

We started the day with an extra special breakfast. I bought a small box of sugary cereal for Natalie - a special treat:

Lucky Charms and green milk - yummi!

In daycare, they had a Jammie day - according to Natalie, that's the best kind of daycare day there is.

Then, after daycare, we had a little treasurehunt around the house. Natalie would find little bags with a picture clue of where the next clue was hidden, along with a puzzle piece:

Hmm, I wonder where to go next...

One of the clues was hidden in the washer. Natalie really liked that one.

We glued the puzzle pieces to a piece of paper as we went along. Here's the completed puzzle:

A rainbow with a pot of gold at the end, of course!

Natalie called the treasure hunt her "rainbow hunt" for obvious reasons. And she did find a pot of gold - or goodies - at the end of the rainbow:

Natalie's pot of gold.

Lots of goodies, such as small toys and a few pieces of candy. And the bigger present in there was a Curious George book that she has been wishing for for a long time.

One of the items in the treasure was a box of chalk to use on the front step. So after it was all unwrapped, we sat outside for a while:
Such pretty colors!

Here's the view from the front step as we colored away and watched the sunset:
Not a rainbow, but still lots of beautiful colors.

At the end of the day, Natalie stopped and looked up at us, and she said "You guys made this the best St. Patrick's Day ever!" And yes, I think it was a pretty good one, too.

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