Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Karsten's birthday was here in March, so here's a somewhat belated birthday post...

The day before Karsten's birthday, we went to Walmart to buy a birthday cake for Daddy. Karsten and Natalie decided on a nice, big carrot cake. The lady behind the counter recognized Natalie, because Natalie always goes there to look at the pretty cakes when we go grocery shopping. So the cake-lady (Sorry, I didn't notice her name) asked who's birthday it was, and if Natalie wanted her to decorate it. Natalie was so proud that she got to pick out the color for the lettering - green, of course, her current favorite. The cake-lady also put a few "extra's" on there - some Hello Kitty rings for Natalie to play with. It was such a great experience, so nice of the cake-lady! Here's the final result:

Daddy's pretty birthday cake!

Of course, we had a wonderful celebration. Natalie helped set the table, open Daddy's presents, and blow out the candles. Here are a few birthday pictures:

Time for cake!


And here's a video that Natalie and I made for Daddy for his special day:

Happy birthday, Daddy!

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