Thursday, February 25, 2010

Naptime... For Mommy and Daddy!

Natalie loves to play that she's the teacher. A couple of weeks ago, she decided that the teacher was going to put "her friends" (Karsten and myself) down for a nap. We got the whole naptime routine, complete with borrowed, stuffed animals, getting tucked in under the blankies, and goodnight hugs and kisses.

Then she closed the door to the bedroom and played on her own for a while.

At first Karsten and I looked at each other, not really sure about this new development. But we figured she hopefully couldn't get in too much trouble in our house, and that she would come and get us if she needed help. And she did, once, for Karsten to get the artwork mat out. Then he was told to go back to bed...

About twenty minutes later it was time for Natalie to get into her jammies, so we had to interrupt. Here's what she'd been up to:

Natalie's "naptime" artwork.

She got all the artwork supplies out herself, and it is definitely her own composition, complete with re-using some artwork she had done at the christmas party. It is great to see her become so independent and creative all on her own - she really is getting to be such a big girl!

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Jan said...

Hi Natalie

Happy birthday to your father - would yoy please tell him that?

I hope you are dooing well, and having a great day

Love from Christine, Jan and Helle