Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Such a big girl

Last weekend, we finally put Natalie's last baby toys away, like her music table and her excersaucer. Though she did still play with them once in a while, she was really getting too big for them, and they were cluttering up the place a bit much.

Natalie did great with it. She helped pack the items up and put them in the basement. She helped take the batteries out. We used a real screwdriver to open the toys so we could take the batteries out, and I tought her to go "leftie loosie" and "righty tighty". She must have said "leftie loosie" at least a hundred times while she was working with the screwdriver - she's the daughter of two geeks, after all...

It was kinda weird to see these things go. I remember how much she loved them when she was a baby. But she is definitely not a baby anymore, and that's okay too. She's grown into such a little person, so full of personality. And so much fun to be around.

But still, sometimes I wonder how it happened so fast...

How did this little sweetheart:

Turn into this adorable, sassy little person:

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