Sunday, June 14, 2009

Breakfast at the farm

Today, a nearby farm had an event called breakfast on the farm:


Natalie had a chance to see a baby cow up close. She didn't really want to pet it, though, and who can blame her - after all it was about as big as her:"I'll stay here with Mommy, just to be safe..."

We had so much fun. There was music, and lots of animals to look at (goats, alpacas, ponies, and lots of big, big cows). And there were some ultra-light airplanes flying over the parking lot. And Natalie got at (fake) tatoo - she chose a smily face, which looked super cute! And there were a lot of old tractors. Natalie got to ride many of them:

Vroom, vroom, here comes Natalie!

Of course, at a dairy promotion event, there also had to be icecream - Natalie chose the blue one:

I hope it's the blue icecream, she's a little young for blue lipstick and eyeshadow just yet!

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