Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Stairmaster Natalie

Did you know we have a "Stairmaster" in the house? No, not the kind they have at the "Y" (though you get just as much exercise trying to keep up with this one), but the toddler-sized kind.

Natalie was a bit impatient tonight, so for a change of scenery, we took her down in the basement. She didn't want anything to do with running around down there, but the stairs - the stairs were a toddler girls dream come true! Soo much fun just waiting to be had crawling up to the top (with Karsten right behind her for safety, of course). And then she found out that she could crawl down also! Double the fun!

Pretty interesting to see how she experimented with crawling backwards or standing / walking down the stairs holding on to Daddy's hand and sometimes the wall. She was actually very careful, and surprisingly good at it.

Now, that begs the question: How did she learn this new skill? She's only been allowed on the stairs once or twice before, and there are no stairs at daycare, so... Maybe she has a secret staircase somewhere that she plays on when no-one is watching :-)

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