Friday, February 8, 2008

The stacking gene

I've got a stacking gene. Whatever little space I have to work with, I can manufacture a stack that won't tip over - at least until someone innocently walks past it...

After grocery shopping, the freezer is sometimes rather full, and there is a certain avalance danger for anyone brave enough to actually open the door. If Karsten opens the freezer door and something falls out, he'll say that the freezer was "Mommy-stacked" (that is, unless whatever comes out lands on his foot - if it does, he might use slightly different verbage...)

Anyway, last night I came across Natalies latest experiment. I'm proud to announce that the gene has been passed on to the next generation:

No photo editing, and no strings, her little boot is actually magically floating on top of my big ones. Way to go, Natalie!


Kirstin said...

Hahahaha - I luv it! My claim to fame is stacking HUGE amounts of dishes because I will wash them, but I absolutely refuse to dry them. :-)
Great name for the blog too! I want to come play with Natalie and all her toys again soon - keep in touch guys! -K&T

Michelle said...

Hi Karen! of course I remember you - and I see you've started your own blog!

your daughter is beautiful!!! How old is she!?