Saturday, August 4, 2012

Parent breakfast in daycare

For "Week of the young child", daycare had a lot of fun things planned. One day was make a puzzle together, one day was make a sculpture with playdough, etc. The best day was Friday, when we had a parent breakfast:

Natalie had such a great time. She was so proud to have Mommy and Daddy there.
The kids had made muffins and coffee cake the day before. Natalie had helped with the muffins, so of course that's what we had.
Afterwards, each kid got a balloon, and us parents helped write their names on a tag attached to it. Natalie got her favorite color.
And all the kids let the balloons go from the playground at the same time.
We're hoping someone will find the balloons and write a letter back. So far, only one kid got a letter back, though (not Natalie). So, if you find a balloon somewhere with a name attached to it, would you please be so kind and send a card or letter back?

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