Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Natalie graduated from 4K! It was such a proud day!!!!

Here are some pictures from the big event:

Each kid walked into the room one at a time when their name was called.

Natalie, standing with her classmates at the front of the room. They made the graduation hats themselves. They sang some songs for us - it was super awesome! One was about how there were really small when they started, but now they've grown and they've gotten so smart. One was about going for a ride in a car, putting on sunglasses, putting on a scarf, putting on the radio, etc. Really great.

Then, they got their diploma. Each kid walked up to get it, and shook hands with the teacher. Just like it should be.

Such a proud girl!

After they got their diplomas, the kids sat with us parents and watched a slideshow the teacher had put together with pictures from the school year. It was really well made. The teacher made sure we got a copy of it afterwards, such a great thing to keep.

And after graduation there was a surprise for the kids behind the school - the icecream truck came! It was a perfect ending to a perfect ceremony.

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Anonymous said...

Oh such a grown up girl she now is and get her own diplom after the first school-year. She look smart.