Saturday, February 19, 2011

A winter day

Last weekend, we decided to go outside and enjoy the snow. Of course, we had to have a picnic in Natalie's play set. And since it was almost Valentine's Day, she got a special chocolate treat:
Look, a chocolate soccer ball!

We also had time for Natalie's favorite activity: Shoveling the snow! The little bench / swing we have out back was covered in snow, which was the perfect project for Natalie:
Natalie working, with Karsten "supervising"...

Later in the day, we built a snowman:
Natalie's first snowman of the year.

When Natalie was putting the raisins on the snowman for the mouth, she asked: "Mommy, does he look mad to you?" and I said "Well, I think he maybe looks a little sad - what do you think?". Natalie said: "He's sad  because he's made of snow. He's sad because he wanted to be a real person!" Such a great imagination!

We tried for a second snowman, but we got kinda tired, so instead we decided that it was a great chair for Natalie:

Snow is fun!

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