Monday, December 20, 2010

Natalie's birthday party

Natalie's best friend, Aubriella, came over for Natalie's birthday party. And she brought her family too. Natalie had such a great time (as did we). Natalie had asked for a Dora the Explorer party, so of course the basement was decorated with Dora, and the ice cream cake was a Dora cake with purple frosting!

Admiring the cake!

We had one of the same party games as last year - the packing chips in the water table where the girls could dig for "treasures". Except this year it was a Dora party game, because the bags for the treasures was a Dora bag, of course!

Look what I found!

The kids had a blast, and as always, they played so well together. Later, when we moved upstairs, they took turns pulling each other in the car:

Go, Natalie, go!

But I think one of the best parts of the party was the dancing - because what is a party without dancing? The kids danced to Christmas music in the basement. And then Natalie got her present from Aubriella - a CD with songs that included her name. She thought that was the best thing ever! So, the kids kept dancing to that one, too:

Dance party!

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