Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday, Natalie!

On Natalie's birthday, she woke up to a special breakfast table:
Birthday breakfast - M&M muffin!

She was a little tired...


And yes, tootsie rolls are totally a breakfast food when it is your birthday - and only when it is your birthday!
She liked her birthday card, though.

Listen, Dora is singing Happy Birthday!

After daycare, I took Natalie to Walmart to pick out a cake. The lady behind the counter was so nice, writing on it with purple icing (Natalie got to choose the color), and she gave us two big butterflies to decorate it with.

After the cake, it was time for presents. Natalie took her time, unwrapping each present and playing with it a little before moving on to the next one. Here's one of her favorites:

A purple unicorn pillow-pet!

I guess I should write the obligatory "where did the time go". And really, those four years went by very fast. But what amazes me most is what a beautiful, funny, smart, curious, stubborn, caring little person she has become. She has her own opinions, and she loves to learn. She wonders about things and notices the tiniest little details at times. She's got her own personality, and it's a great one.

Happy Birthday, Natalie.

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Grandma said...

Ja, Natalie er en ganske speciel lille pige. Helt enig i beskrivelsen af hende. Hun går rent ind i alles hjerter med sit helt eget unikke væsen. Elsker hende af hele mit hjerte. Bedste.