Sunday, August 22, 2010

Concert at the Botanical Garden

A couple of weeks ago, Natalie and I went to a concert at the Botanical Garden. The music was kinda folksy, just a three person band. The weather was beautiful, warm but not too warm, just a perfect summer evening. And the surroundings were, of course, beautiful too.

The band

We brought a picnic dinner and sat on a blanket in front of the stage. I had expected Natalie to hang in there for maybe two or three songs, and I was prepared to call it good after that. But to my surprise, she was really into it!

"I'll just put my foot up in the air while I eat this banana and listen to the music!"

At intermission, we went exploring. Natalie really liked the fountain behind the musicians: "Look how big it is!"

"I'm up to trouble..."

We actually stayed for the whole concert - one and a half hour. And afterwards, we went exploring on the curvy paths in the garden. Natalie loved finding out what was around the next corner. If the garden hadn't been closing, I'm sure we would have stayed for another hour or two!

"Look, Mommy, he's playing music for her."

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