Wednesday, August 4, 2010

At the hotel

On our mini-vacation, we stayed at a hotel/waterpark. The room was very nice. Natalie had her own section with a pull out sleeper. And she loved laying in her own bed, watching tv and eating a snack: This is very relaxing!

And the hotel had story time on their "grand staircase" for all the kids at bedtime:

Listening to the stories... This is pretty exciting!

After bedtime, while Natalie was pretending to sleep in her pull out bed, Karsten and I had a little time to just sit on the balcony with a glass of wine and relax. Nice to have a little quiet time for us, too.

The next morning we had breakfast at the breakfast buffet, and Natalie got to choose anything she would like to eat:


Yep, we really enjoyed it.

We didn't bring the camera to the waterpark, only a single use waterproof camera. I haven't had those pictures developed yet - I'll post some when I do - if they are any good that is. Remember back in the days, when you always had to wait to get the film developed before you found out how your pictures turned out...? That's so hard to imagine - we get so spoiled with the digital cameras nowadays!

Anyway, the vacation was a big succes. It was great to have a little get-away. We had so much fun, both at the Zoo, at the waterpark, and just hanging out and enjoying "having a sleepover" at the hotel.

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