Monday, July 26, 2010

A playdate

So, I'm finally getting back to doing some blogging. We've been so busy having fun lately that the blogging kinda took a back seat for a while. Well, it should make for lots of pictures coming up, as you'll hopefully see in the coming days!

On the day before Independence Day, we went to visit Aubriella and her family. As usual, the kids had a great time playing together:



And Water.

And then, I heard this from Natalie:

" Mommy, look at me!"

Natalie had her first sparkler ever:

Wow, it's so pretty!

And, of course, the desert was "Natalie approved":


Later that night, we watched some fireworks in the street - another first for Natalie. She wore her hearing protection so it wouldn't be too loud for her. And she had a blast!

Wow, so many pretty fireworks!

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