Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Playdate

Well, back to the series of "posts I never finished"...

Here are some pictures from a playdate in the spring. Aubriella and her brother Brayden came over for a fun afternoon.

Natalie was such a big girl, reading Brayden a story. I find it humerous that the book she chose was "The do-it-yourself-guide to understanding women". Gotta start training them early!

You need to know that...

The kids had so much fun that we kinda forgot to take pictures, at least until they settled down at the table to make some cookies:

Yay, we get to make cookies!

It was a couple of very tired girls that sat down to watch a little TV while they had their cookies and milk:
Yummi cookies - let's see if we can eat them before we fall asleep!

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