Monday, June 21, 2010

Silly time!

We like being silly around here. And lately, Natalie has been great at coming up with silly games for us to play:

Time to go swimming!

Obviously, in the above picture, we are all ready to go swimming at the YMCA. Natalie is wearing her swimsuit (made of blankies), and Daddy is wearing his swimpants (another blankie). And of course, they both needed swim-hats. And Natalie needed googles (sunglasses). We ended up at the Y after an elaborate game of packing up the swimbag, putting it in the trunk (under the coffee table with two big blankets over it), and driving in the car (using her small chairs as the seats, and a porcelain pig and a birthday hat as a steering wheel). Well, isn't it obvious?


In this picture, Natalie and Mommy went to a costume party. Mommy didn't have a costume, so we just made one up from a couple of sheets of paper. The fuzzy slippers complete the cowboy-outfit. And Natalie was a cowboy too, complete with purple princess shoes and a princess wand.

The wonderful world of a childs imagination. It's a great place to be - no matter where the adventure takes us on any given day.

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