Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The amusement park

On Sunday, we met Aubriella and her family for a fun morning at the amusement park. As soon as we met, Natalie and Aubriella were ready to explore.

Natalie: You wanna try the boats?

Aubriella: Sure

Natalie: Then let's go!

And off they went: Ready to explore.

We didn't tell them to hold hands, or where to go, they just figured it out on their own. They are so cute, and such good friends. Soon, they were on the first ride:
Sharing secrets and giggling like best friends do.

The ladybugs werea big hit.

Us moms got to go on the train with the three kids (Brayden, Aubriella, and Natalie).

And Aubriella and Natalie even got to go on a "big kid" ride - the big swings:

Let's go!

We also played on the playground and had a great picnic lunch together, sitting on a blanket in the shade of a tree. It was a great morning. So, after that many experiences, it was time for a nap...


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