Thursday, January 7, 2010

Natalie, the photographer

Natalie got a camera for her birthday. A real, digital, "kids tough" camera where she can take real pictures. She had so much fun with it. She opened it as the last present on her birthday, kinda late in the day, so she only had a couple of hours to play with it on the first day. After she went to bed, we downloaded pictures from her camera - all seventyone of them!

It was so much fun to see her pictures. There was, well, half a mommy, then three quarters of mommy, then:
Yay, Mommy!

Then there was half a daddy, then three quarters of daddy, then:
Yay, Daddy!

Some of the pictures were really cute, like the pictures of her toys, and of her food, and of Dora the Explorer on TV. It was really a bit of a view into the world of Natalie. Some items apparently have more importance than I would have expected, like this one:

Daddy's foot!

But what amazed me most was how beautiful some of the pictures really were, like this close-up of our Christmas tree:

Very Christmassy, indeed!

A few days later, we let her brint it outside while we were walking from our car to the museum. Some of those pictures were almost postcard-worthy:

City streets, seen from Natalie's perspective.

And here's one more I just had to add, because I really like the mood it's portraying:

Oh, Christmas Tree!

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