Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning, Natalie came to wake us up - she wanted to show us "something". Santa had been here and left her a big present! Complete with a big green "star" (her name for the bow), because Santa knew that green is Natalie's favorite color:

Not quite awake yet...

The present was a doll bed that Natalie and Daddy assembled together.

Then, Natalie and Daddy made breakfast together. They made "Daddy-cakes", which is "klatkager". If you speak Danish, you'll know what that is, if not, well... To long of an explanation to post here!

Making breakfast.

Then Natalie discovered that Santa had also filled her Christmas stocking with goodies:

Wonder what is in there...

And what was she hoping for most of all - the one thing she would tell us about when we asked what she wanted for Christmas?

A green candy cane!

Later that morning, we made cupcakes for the party we were going to later that day - complete with pink frosting!


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