Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas at the Zoo

The weekend before Christmas the Zoo had a Christmas thing going on. There were pretty lights in the zoo, and Natalie and I got to go there after dark.

Natalie thought it was so much fun to be there after the animals went to bed. Unfortunately, most of the animals actually had gone to bed before we got there, but that was okay. There were some animals in the welcome center that the kids could see and touch, like a snake, a turtle, a rabbit, a parrot, and a porcupine.

We also got to go on a horse wagon ride into the forest. That was very calm and soothing, and very beautiful - the path was lit by candles along the side of the road.

We also ate our supper at the restaurant there. And Santa was there! Natalie asked me if he was for real, and I made the mistake of saying that I wasn't sure, that he might be for pretend. But then she said "I think he's for real", and who was I to argue with that? She even went over to him to say hi, though I think it was more the candy canes he handed out that had her interest.

Since it was just Natalie and me, and I was carrying her a good part of the way, I didn't take many pictures. But here's one that I really like, though. Natalie sitting on a bench looking at the pretty lights. I know it is kinda dark, and you can't really see her face, and... But you get such a great idea of the Christmassy atmosphere that night that I still think it just works:

It's definitely Christmas time!

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