Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Natalie sayings

Natalie says the funniest things lately. And most of the time, they are completely logical. Here are a couple of examples:

Natalie loves to drive with her window down. And she loves having her hand (or foot, or both) out the window. Yesterday, she was experimenting with holding various things - like her cup with crackers - out the window while we were driving. Of course, we told her not to do that, because she could drop them and then they wouldn't come back. So she held her hand out the window instead, with one finger pointed out.
Natalie: "I can't drop my finger, it is holding on to my hand!"


The other evening, we were watching TV, when something seemed to be interfering with the signal.
Natalie: "The TV can't make up it's mind!"


Natalie and I were playing superhero's. We put her blankies on as capes, and we were "Super-Natalie" and "Super-Mommie", and we were going to save the world. I didn't tie the knot on her blankie all that tight, so of course it opened up after some jumping around.
Natalie: "My Superhero broke!"

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Michelle said...

So funny!!! And it'll be so nice to look back on this someday when she's older, and tell her the smart & fun things she said when she was young!